Let all your archetypes come out to play


This week at Club Above you can experience a full range of all of your selves.
Your suave, cool, urbanite shows up at 7:30 on Thursday to nod and finger pop to a full-on jazz experiment/experience with the Rob Crozier Trio.

Rest a little till Friday, then prepare to let several alters out all throughout Friday night.
Get hypnotized By Rhyta Musik till your continental, worldly, persona has had it’s fill, then shove that character over to let your secret head-banger rush the floor with Spooky Basements at 10pm. Before your head pops off of it’s stalk bring out your groovy, rockin’ surfer-self with BSRB, then hurry, hurry, put on some eyeliner, break out the black, get hot and bothered, with Dangerous Pleasure.


But wait, go ahead, get some dream time, let them all integrate, then come back at 9p Saturday, because the funkateer that is at the root and cornerstone of your very being, wants their chance to dance. Maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of your hidden romancer. Mile High will show you your soul.
“What are you? Some kind of psychedelic wallflower?”

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